澳门威斯尼斯人 webinars are an opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge from some of the world’s foremost experts in testing, inspection, and certification. We’ll help you navigate the complexities associated with proper safety and quality processes.

These sessions will arm you with critical information on the ever-changing requirements that affect so many industries, and help you develop safer, higher quality products and grow your business.

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How to Comply with EU Biocides Regulation
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certification Scheme for Chemicals
Aware Combined Cycle demo (part 2)
Introduction to the IMO 2010 FTP Code
Sustainability Essentials for Cosmetic Products
REACH EU pour l’industrie cosmétique
Morocco Verification of Conformity Programme
EU REACH for Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry
Spray Foam 101: Your Guide to Testing, Certification, and Beyond
Basics of Pipeline Chemical Treatments
Getting to the Root of the Problem Using Failure Analysis
Using Accelerated Stress Testing to Find Success Through Failure
Qualification des matières premières naturelles
Cosmetic Product Notifications in the EU and UK after Brexit
Requis pour la mise sur le marché chinois de produits cosmétiques selon la nouvelle réglementation
Réglementation des nouveaux ingrédients cosmétiques en Chine
Exports to East and West Africa
Natural Raw Material Qualification
Cosmetic Product Raw Material Qualification: Process and Overview(1)
Notification of Cosmetic Products for Turkey
Microplastics: ECHA’s restriction proposal
China Market Access Requirement in the New Cosmetic Regulation
Strategy for New Food Contact Petition in China
VLSFOs – Analysing The Trends: A review of fuel quality over time to see how it has changed
Aware Combined Cycle demo (part 1)
Introducing Environmental Toxicological Assessments
IEC 60601-1-8 AMD2 for Medical Alarms - French
FDA ASCA Pilot Program Overview
IEC 60601-1-8 AMD2 for Medical Alarms
Japan – Scientific and Regulatory Requirements for the Notification of Foods with Function Claims - Japanese
Japan – Food and Nutrition Regulatory Framework - Japanese
Thermal Testing & NFRC Certification
Japan – Scientific and Regulatory Requirements for the Notification of Foods with Function Claims
Japan – Food and Nutrition Regulatory Framework
Overview of the Regulation for New Cosmetic Ingredients in China
Weathering Your Environmental Testing Program
Performance, Quality & Safety Requirements for Consumer Face Masks
Understanding the Risk(s) for Supply Chain Disruption(s) to plan for Resilience
Authorisation of Health Claims for Foods and Dietary Supplements in the United Kingdom
Güncel Bakanlık Duyuruları ve İşleyiş Hakkında
KKDİK Kayıt Süreci
Kimyasal Kayıt Sistemi ve Güncellemeler Hakkında
KKDİK Ön Kayıt Süreci
KKDİK Genel Bakış ve Kapsam
High Energy Piping (HEP) Supports
Safe Use of Recycled Plastics in Food Contact Materials
Acoustical Field Testing
Safety Requirements for Children’s Clothing Sold in Europe
How to Comply with New Poison Centre Notification Requirements for Hazardous Mixtures in EU
ETL Refurbishment Program Overview
Updates on China New Chemical Substances Registration (MEE Order No. 12)
Overview of Global Food Contact Materials Regulations
Aware Software v20
ICES-003 Issue 7 2020 Overview
SCIP and Article 33 - Understanding Differences and Meeting Requirements
SpecDirect Overview
Canada’s New Substance Notification Guidance Document 2021
Sustainability in Packaging and Food Contact Materials
Overview of ETSI EN 300 328 V2.2.2
Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)
Overview of IEC 60601-1-2 ED.4.1 EMC for Medical Devices
Techniques & Methods of Li-Ion Battery Failure Analysis
Importance of Accurate Tank Calibration
Verify Face Mask Compliance & Instill Customer Confidence with the 澳门威斯尼斯人 Mask Label
Novel Organisms in Canada and the US
K-OSHA Amendments Related to MSDS
How to Apply for Membership of JCII (Japan association)
Canadian Hazardous Products Regulations – What’s changed?
TSCA Update 2
TSCA Update 1
The Importance of Regulatory Compliance in Mergers & Acquisitions
Assuring Health and Wellness: Learning from the Pandemic
Updates on the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS)
Brexit Awareness: Navigating the initial phases of UK REACH
Smart City Solutions: Structural & Forensic Evaluations and 3D Utility Mapping
Implications of UK REACH within the Supply Chain - pm
Implications of UK REACH within the Supply Chain - am
Treated Articles and the control of SARS CoV2 in Canada and the USA
Pesticide Device Regulation in Canada and the US
Custom Form - Commercial Refrigeration: Transition to 60335-2-89 (AHReport)
Are you ready for the EU Toxicity Notice?
U.S. Food Contact Notice FCN China Webinar
Honey Crystallization and Crystek
Understanding Program Owner Offerings with BRCGS
Food Contact Regulations and Sustainable Packaging
Preparing for a Post-pandemic Workplace
Identity Testing Requirements for UK REACH
Webinar: An Introduction to ISO 14001
Webinar: Implementing the ISO 14001 Standard
Webinar: Lessons in Continual Improvement Using ISO 14001
Webinar: An Introduction to ISO 9001
Webinar: Implementing the ISO 9001 Standard
Webinar: Lessons in Continual Improvement using ISO 9001
Webinar: An Introduction to ISO 45001
Webinar: Implementing the ISO 45001 standard
Webinar: Lessons in Continual Improvement using ISO 45001
Latest Trends in Chinese Chemicals Regulations (MEE Ministerial Ordinance No. 12)
ISO PAS 5643 - Reducing the Spread of Covid-19 in Travel & Tourism